Suppliers and trainers of the World's best Law Enforcement dogs.

CJ's Police K-9s has the hardest hitting, dependable, driven K-9s working the streets.

We take pride in the K-9s we breed, select, train, and supply to Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.
Our K-9s are fearless, solid, and social.

CJ's Police K-9s will work with your Department's Policies:
Straight Bite, Revere/Bark and Hold, etc. to ensure the most effective Patrol k-9, while minimizing your Department's Liability.

Our patrol dogs are bred, selected and trained for the following:
(and to look for in your
Department's currrent training program)
Non-Equipment Focused Bite work
Concealed sleeve
Muzzle Work
In-Vehicle Apprehensions
Upper body Bitework
Lower body Bitework
Area Searches
Building Searches
Slick Floors
Around Screaming/Yelling
While Being Fought Off
While being on the Defense
Around Livestock and Children
Around Gunfire
In Confined Spaces
In Water
Around other k-9s
In Caotic Situations
Within Crowds
Urban Settings
Long Tracks
Heavily Forested Areas
In Cars/Trucks
In Junk Yards
Heavy TrafficEtc.NO DOG FIGHTERS